Maybe this 2nd attempt will work better?

www.truelilly.comNot sure what to say except that I do hope this blogging becomes a regular thing for me. I used to journal A LOT, and now that I have a husband, two kids, a dog, two cats, oh! and two fish….I don’t take the time to write any thoughts down. So maybe typing will work. :/

I’ve recently picked up my camera again and fell in love with photographing pretty much everything…I spent 6 1/2 hours yesterday photographing jewelry! ( The day before that I got sooo much joy out of photographing a house (which will be used as an answered prayer to many homeless woman and children), and the day prior to that I was able to capture some last goodbyes for a young man leaving to fight for our country. I feel very blessed and privileged to be able to forever still these moments for people.Beacon HillGoing Away