A 1920’s Themed Engagement

I ABSOLUTELY loved shooting this session of Rob and Faith! The whole sessions has a fun story that I thought I’d share.

So I’m sitting in the driveway (at Rose’s house 🙂 ) and in my rear view mirror I see this beautiful old car drive past, and I interrupt her and scream, “I need that car!” She looks over her shoulder and says, “oh, I know him, he’s my old neighbor.” So we hop out and flag him down on his way back down the street, and I explain to him that I was asked to photograph a couple’s engagement photos that evening, and that I’ve never met them, but I think that this car would be AWESOME to use! He not only agrees, but he volunteers to meet me at a nearby park later that evening! My hubby and kiddos came to help out, so as I”m explaining to Mr. Bill how I need the car parked, I yell “hi” from across the parking lot to Faith. (As she has just got off work, and she’s changing outfits in her car and doing her makeup.) Meanwhile, I’m deciding what lens to use for the first shot and talking to Teresa (Rob’s older sister, who has set this whole session up for them as a gift) and she’s calling to see where Rob is! He drives up, buttons up his vest and within two minutes start shooting! We spent about 15 minutes at the park, we all thanked Mr. Bill for the use of his sweet ride, and I promised him a free session if he ever needed photos taken.

They had planned for three different “looks” to represent their 1920’s style, so after shooting the car images, we decided that the downtown train depot would be perfect for the “hobo” shots! So we headed down town and finally got a chance for some “get to know you” talk, along with a lot of laughter – those two are a riot! As you can see from the photos, they belong in the movies or on stage, they both are total hams…and miss Faith needs a modeling gig, she’s a TOTAL natural!

Anyway, we had a ball shooting this session, everything fell into place, and I was also privileged to photograph their very cool 1920’s themed wedding!

I was also able to photograph Mr. Bill’s newborn twin granddaughters for him. Here they are!


I LOVE polaroids, I currently have two that I bought off of craigslist and STILL have yet to buy or find film for them. I loved waving them back and forth (cause that makes it develop faster right?? :).  I loved the “one chance” click of a button. My uncle Joe had a polaroid that I basically treated like a toy, unaware that with each click a dollar bill was wasted on Grandma Jones’ shoes, or Penny the dog….or was it? I grew up with the “film is expensive, so don’t goof off when your photo is being taken,” or “don’t take photos of just anything, you’re wasting film.” So here is my take on some ‘wasted polaroids’.