Capturing a memory

Last night I watched a documentary called Rock Prophecies. It was about a rock ‘n’ roll photographer Robert Knight. He  not only loves to photograph people, but he also loves them. I can relate. I too don’t just like to hear the shutter open and close, but I LOVE to know and get to know the people I’m shooting. There are challenges with both knowing and just meeting your subjects actually, but my favorite thing about taking photographs are the people. If you follow me on Facebook at all, you’ll notice that I rarely take a photo without someone in it, unless it’s a tree of coarse. 🙂

Last night’s documentary had a segment in it about the Sick Puppies, and it made me dig up some fun photos of another engagement I got to capture for a beautiful couple, Kristal and Jesse Williams. Kristal’s band, Saturday Sleeper opened for the Sick Puppies a little over a year ago. Jesse thought it would be so great to propose to Kristal during their set, but just days before the show it got postponed, so Jesse had to “sit” on the ring for TWO weeks until they could make it into town! Well he pulled it off like a champ, and the crowd went NUTS! What FUN it was to be right there, center stage to capture their memory! There really is Nothing like capturing a moment in time for people you love.