A day with Kimberly

A week ago, we here in Anchorage woke up to yet MORE SNOW, but we all should know better, it always snows in April!!

With the snow came a call from a home school mom needing to get her daughter’s photos taken before graduation next month.

Kimberly at her "second home"...the Lusaac Library

What an honor is all I can say. Little did I know that I would have an impromptu photo session for the

following day (all because of the snow), but I would also get to photograph one the most photogenic

seniors I’ve ever worked with! Kimberly is beautiful, energetic, out going, confident, and such a LOVELY

girl all around.

Birch make such a fun back drop

Love her natural beauty

"Black and whites allow you to focus on what matters"...in this case her eyes.

Hats are THE BEST accessory to any personality!

Turquoise and Red have to be my most favorite contrasting colors. (Especially with her golden eyes)

2 thoughts on “A day with Kimberly

  1. Ginger Williams says:

    The Honor was all ours!!! You’re Fabulous!!! Thank you for being so flexible and “impromptu”. You really pulled it off Perfectly. Thanks Rhea Ann! – Ginger

  2. Ginger Williams says:

    P.S. I’ve got 5 more Senior Pictures up and coming (eventually)… so personally, I’d rather you stick around. Just puttin’ my vote out there! 🙂 Blessings!!

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