Family Vacation

Tommy's Dad, step Mom, Brother Matthew, and Sisters Hannah and Vanessa with our nephew Noa

This is my way of scrap booking. A little lazy I know, but maybe one day, I’ll get these pages printed in book form. 🙂

An amazing man.

This is Papaw Etheredge.

(Top Left Photo) – These are his ‘workin’ shoes, held together by rubber bands.

(Top Right Photo) – He was sitting at the dining room table talkin to Tommy about storming the beaches of Normandy on D Day. Pretty incredible. He still has a garden he tends to, and a ‘pickers dream’ shed that he tinkers in.

(Bottom Right Photos) – Four Generations of Etheredges. – Papaw showing Kya his Satsuma trees.

Rhae's Family - Grandma Jones, Aunt Beverly and Uncle Barry, Cousin Leigh Ann, her son Aiden, and cousins Pow and India

Tommy's Mom, Gig and Papa Thomas, Cousin Stephani, and beautiful kiddos

Tommy's buddy from high school Wesley has an alligator farm near Gulf Shores. WAY FUN!

What a FUN age to take the kiddos to Disney World and Animal Kingdom! We really had a blast!

Gulf Shores and Clear Water

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