Sanders Wedding – Kasilof, Alaska

Jaime and Aaron’s wedding took place at R&J Seafoods, on the bluff  over looking the eastern shore of  Cook Inlet, with an incredible view of Mt. Redoubt (well at least the view was visible during the rehearsal.)They chose to see each other before the ceremony. It couldn’t have been a more perfect setting and moment. Aaron’s reaction was priceless.

It was only appropriate that there be a nautical/beach theme. Jaime did a beautiful job of incorporating their personalities and style in the decor of this wedding.

We had a chance to go down to the beach before the ceremony and found a little “Home Away From Home” camper, and there was even a mailbox! We had a little fun!

We made it back to the bluff in time to find this rowdy bunch. They all put their best face on for me.

THE prettiest bouquet I’ve seen yet! Incredible colors and texture!

Their personal vows to each other were so touching and may I say that Aaron’s vows should be a hit song, just sayin!

And they DID IT!!! The rest of the day the couple’s smiles got even bigger…now they could relax and have fun….”for as long as they both shall live…”Congratulations Jaime and Aaron. I see God’s blessings all around you, Love you both!

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