Baby Jack

When I arrived at the Smith’s home, they showed me a few photos of fun ideas they have seen on the internet. I LOVE when clients make suggestions, or have special wishes – it makes my job a lot easier! I’m not lazy, it just helps me to get to know them all the more, so I can capture that fun and creative idea knowing that it came from them!
There is nothing like trying something new with clients just to have them look at you like you’re crazy! I have come to realize that being a photographer isn’t just knowing how to use your camera (believe me, I’ve done it all backwards if that’s the case!) Being a photographer to me, means that you need really good people skills, intuition, creativity. Being real with people, allowing them into your world, so the invitation into their world is natural and not forced. Putting someone at ease is very important because being photographed is actually very vulnerable for most people, myself included.
Ok, back to baby Jack… the family had the stars and moon/planet cut out and ready to go to try out the “astronaut scen” – very fun!

baby astronaut scene

Photo idea from Adele Enersen. You can get her book now through Amazon.

Lifestyle Portraits with the Emerson Family

Laura contacted me to capture their (growing) family recently. With the weather and the simple convenience of staying indoors with a three year old, as well as wanting to show off “baby EAT” in mommy’s tummy…we opted to take photos in their home. I’m finding that capturing “a moment in time” and really sticking to the ‘Lifestyle’ portraits that I appreciate, that the client’s home is the best place for that. The kiddos are more at ease, parents are not wondering where to sit or stand, guards are down…real life is happening around me. It takes a little finess, if you will, in not becoming the  distracting guest, but to allow moments to happen without the family feeling like they need to act, as well as paying attention to light, distracting objects, etc…With each session I learn a thousand new things. Enjoy seeing the gorgeous Emerson family enjoying  life 🙂

You can see that beautiful baby glow all over her!

Just before school clothes are put on, a little 'showin off muscles' is always in order...

Tauschek Family

Heather contacted me in the late summer to photograph her family during the holidays, I was honored she emailed me. Her father was my childhood dentist, and I would occasionally see Heather and her sisters while growing up in this small town. It is always a blessing to see happy and healthy families, and to be trusted to capture their memories.