Reger Family

The Regers allowed me to capture their family photos last fall, but because of the crazy wind and the fact that my auto focus was OFF and didn’t realize it, I told them I wanted to do a re-do this winter for an attempt at some clearer shots! Today we “hung out” for all of 13 minutes at Kincaid Park and it turned out great! This family is so gorgeous and fun! Enjoy!

Kya’s Creations

Today I was feeling under the weather and bummed because it’s the kiddos first official day of spring break. Shea, (our son)  had a friend over, so I thought I’d dig out my old easel and canvases and let Kya paint. She went for it! LOVE LOVE LOVE her creativity, and use of color, but I especially LOVE her. Enjoy.

Baby Santiago

I have a iittle crush on this guy…

His sweet parents contacted me a few months ago to take maternity shots…so this is a little before and after fun 🙂

It’s amazing how much the details of our babies never really change…

Melissa and Joey

What a sweet couple! I just love it when right from the get go I feel a mutual comfortability with my clients. Photographing them was like being on the set of Dear John (for all you romantics out there :). They not only looked like and have a similar circumstance to the characters in the movie, but they have such an endearing warmth for each other.