The Beautiful Cluff Family

This is my forth year to photograph the Cluffs. They are such beautiful people. Editing their photos makes me so thankful for my job. The colors mom picked out are so fun!

She even painted the girls’ toes to match. I truly do believe that she is the Wonder Woman of moms!

When I do large families I always come home and brew over all the poses I could have tried. Things move so fast, or should I say, I move so fast on photo sessions I sometimes wonder how I capture anything at all! This session I brought along my husband and daughter (11yrs.) Tommy is so great at wrangling kiddos, and  switching lenses for me. My daughter Kya is learning how to use a reflector at the moment. 

On each family session, I always try to photograph each person by themselves. Children can be a challenge, but I think adults are more difficult..most of us don’t like to be photographed (myself included) – I used to see people with a camera and couldn’t relax really, pretty much worried they would try to sneak a photo and my mouth would quiver, or that I’d look silly. So I understand when others get nervous. But it is definitely a breath of fresh air when moms as beautiful as this one smile effortlessly and have a quiet confidence that we can all only dream of. 

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