The simple things

Just recently I have fallen in love with freezing time. (Photography) – May sound silly, seeing as how I help supplement the extra spending we seem to do around here. I don’t know how to explain it, but things are just clicking for me. I do know that trying to explain and teach someone recently how to use their camera in about 20 minutes, and they had NO clue what Manual Mode meant to begin with. To  watch them repeat and explain back to me how ISO, The “F thingy”, and shutter speed was and how they work together…I was impressed then with what I actually knew. (Thanks to Amy Earle’s class, and her awesome teaching skills. – )
Anyway, I’ve been inspired none the less to take photos of things that matter, moments that matter.

That moment definitely mattered to my son. It mattered that I was watching and paying attention.

Definitely glad we didn’t miss this one!

This moment definitely mattered because Kya, my daughter blew one bubble inside of the other, which made her the bubble master!

I kid, but I think the whole idea of freezing moments for a photographer is becoming so comfortable with my camera that I get to catch those moments and keep right on rolling with life.

I definitely DON’T say this to be a sassy pants, I say it to encourage all those out there who are afraid to take it off the green square and practice till it starts to click and make sense. I have a ton of learning to do still! Tonight I looked at a blog from Andria Lindquist, and thought it would be nice to be like her one day… so keep your camera handy ALWAYS, have fun, and fall in love with freezing those memories and simple moments. And for all the smart phones users out there who’s phone’s have thousands of photos on them, BACK THEM UP!!  (preaching to the choir)

This moment(s) is special to me, and was fun for my nephew Trey.

We will miss you so much while you are away. 

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