A day with the Ingalls Family

ingalls-9We were very excited to finally get down to Seward to visit our good friends, Max & Deanna Ingalls and their amazing kiddos! Their home is so warm and inviting just like themselves. It’s the perfect place for children to grow up. Trees, forts, guns, bikes, fire pits…all things I remember so dearly as a kid growing up in Alaska.ingalls-16 ingalls-12 ingalls

Seward is a little over 120 mi South of Anchorage. The Ingalls moved there almost a year ago now, to pastor Seward City Church.  The move and the new adventure has been good to them. Max and Deanna are two precious souls. Buddies,the way it should be. Below,  Max is just keeping up with his reading. LOL!

ingalls-11 ingalls-13





ingalls-5ingalls-4ingalls-8ingalls-19 ingalls-20

ingalls-22 ingalls-21 ingalls-3 ingalls-2

ingalls-7 ingalls-6


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