Denise and Allen

When I arrived at the Schlereth’s home, this beautiful cake was getting adorned with fresh flowers from Janette’s garden.Denise-Allen-3

Denise’ sister helps with all the details. Denise-Allen-1-2Denise-Allen-4-2Denise-Allen-6Denise-Allen-1Denise-Allen-18What an incredible story these two have. I teared up many times during their heart felt ceremony. Rick Benjamin spoke so eloquently. Denise and Allen’s individual vows were a testimony of God’s grace and perfect love.Denise-Allen-17Denise-Allen-15Denise-Allen-108Denise-Allen-14Denise-Allen-16Denise-Allen-12Denise-Allen-11Denise-Allen-3-2Denise-Allen-13Denise-Allen-2 Denise-Allen-2-2Denise-Allen-5Denise-Allen-9Denise-Allen-10Allen definitely caught a keeper.Denise-Allen-8Denise-Allen-19Many stories and heart felt blessings were shared. Denise-Allen-7Bless you both on your journey together.