Denise and Allen

When I arrived at the Schlereth’s home, this beautiful cake was getting adorned with fresh flowers from Janette’s garden.Denise-Allen-3

Denise’ sister helps with all the details. Denise-Allen-1-2Denise-Allen-4-2Denise-Allen-6Denise-Allen-1Denise-Allen-18What an incredible story these two have. I teared up many times during their heart felt ceremony. Rick Benjamin spoke so eloquently. Denise and Allen’s individual vows were a testimony of God’s grace and perfect love.Denise-Allen-17Denise-Allen-15Denise-Allen-108Denise-Allen-14Denise-Allen-16Denise-Allen-12Denise-Allen-11Denise-Allen-3-2Denise-Allen-13Denise-Allen-2 Denise-Allen-2-2Denise-Allen-5Denise-Allen-9Denise-Allen-10Allen definitely caught a keeper.Denise-Allen-8Denise-Allen-19Many stories and heart felt blessings were shared. Denise-Allen-7Bless you both on your journey together.

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  1. Denise, these pictures are beautiful! What a special celebration of God’s grace and faithfulness for both of you. It was so nice to put a face with Allen’s name. The kids look so great and so grown up that it is hard to think we knew them when they were just young kids living next door on E. 64th. 🙂 Congrats to both of you! Hugs! Steve and Sue Francis

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