Welcome Baby Peter

Introducing:baby peter-25

baby peter-26baby peter-2 baby peter-3

I always wonder what they are thinking when they are focusing on you…sounds and smells are always evident in babies’ reactions, but that deep look….what’s going on in that little brain??baby peter-4

And oh how quickly moods can change.

baby peter-5

baby peter-6 baby peter-7 baby peter-9 baby peter-10

My favorite part about lifestyle sessions: reminding parents to enjoy each other…and I’m not subtle. 🙂 Time passes so quickly, we only have these little ones for a moment, but we have each other for our remainder.

baby peter-11 baby peter-12 baby peter-13This sweet little pig has been with mommy everywhere since she was a little girl. Now I bet he has a new friend.baby peter-27

Resting in daddy’s arms.

baby peter-14 baby peter-15 baby peter-16

What a joy when parents and grandparents can share in the excitement, and kisses, and chores, and diapers. LOL!baby peter-17 baby peter-19 baby peter-20 baby peter-21

Congratulations you two!

baby peter-22 baby peter-23

Dad is the musician…thought this was fitting.

final quote tuba