What is my passion?

Yesterday I was asked again…”What is your passion? What do you really LOVE to photograph?” I was relieved to be asked this again, because for days, for months really, something has been brewing. That something is this: Capturing Family, Motherhood, Marriage, LIFE!  When I capture families, I am with them for an hour. In one hour I can see the dynamics of what makes that family tick. The good, the bad, and the Funny. Ha!

I encourage, I listen, I laugh with them, I play with them. I capture them being them. My favorite parts of my family sessions: 5 minutes just spent on moms. Just 5 minutes, and I get these beautiful images of moms.

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An image that is only about them, celebrating their strength, their beauty. An image to treasure not just because they are actually IN a photo, but that they were bold enough to let the world see them. I know this may sound a little silly or deep, but these are my favorite. Moms can feel forgotten in all the chaos of life, moms can and WILL put themselves on the back burner EVERY chance they can to see their hubby shine, or their kids have their moment in the spot light. And that’s beauty in itself. But  oh the wonders it does to our soul when someone notices us for who we are, what we do, and how beautiful we are – magic happens!

Then, don’t get me started on the 5 minutes, once kids are off and playing, when I get to focus on the couple. When I direct them into flirting, and touching, and enjoying their moment. Some couples have even thanked me for reminding them that it isn’t always about the children. The children came as a result of their love, their intimacy, their dreams. (Well, some kids came a little sooner… lol)

nelson-26jabaay-41 haynes-35 Tanner-29Tanner-53harding-23 mersing-21Mehler-Watson-51Withrow-22ingalls-13

And of corse I can’t tell you how much joy it brings me to capture my client’s kiddo just the way they see them. It may be a posed smile, but it’s genuine, or it may be their typical grumpy face, but it’s sweet anyway. Or my favorite, it may be a photo that makes parent’s jaw drop and they can’t wait to get on the wall!   Crass-35Withrow-41Whitfield-47gunther1jabaay-84Studio033ingalls-41Studio075 farrell fam-18Studio127 mersing-28Anyway, FAMILY is my passion. EACH person in that family, no matter what dynamics that family is made up of. If this is what kind of session you are hoping for, call me. 🙂 Or, if this is what you’ve experienced, I’d love any feed back! Woolsey-18 baby peter-13 Fry HI 2013-51Fry HI 2013-54 Griffin-47jabaay-4-2 mersing-35Cassidy-29ingalls-9  vesel-2HUEY-24 11

Author: rhaeannephotography

I am a wife to my gorgeous husband Tommy, and a mom to my way cool kids, Kya (19) and Shea (17). We live in Anchorage, Alaska. Photography is my outlet to be with people and use my creativity to capture memories for people. My hubby is my second shooter for our weddings. We LOVE serving couples on their big day, it truly is like a long date day!

4 thoughts on “What is my passion?”

  1. Rhae Anne, you truly have a gift for bringing images to life! I have never seen a photo of yours that I haven’t loved, even of people I don’t know. I think the best thing about our wedding day photo shoot was that you worked with what you had, which happened to be a very late and unexpected snow on a spring day! Our photos turned out absolutely priceless because of your creativity and flexibility. Thank you for creating such precious keepsakes for us!

    1. Wow, thank you Mary Anne! The greatest thing about this job, craft, art…are the people I get to work with. Your special day was full of surprises, as is life! Thank you for letting us be a special part of it!

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