A walk in the woods with Marc and Charlee



These two lovelies are every photographer’s dream. Gorgeous from the inside out. Genuine & Fun. Enjoy…

mandc-1 mandc-2 mandc-3 mandc-4 mandc-5 mandc-8 mandc-9 mandc-10 mandc-11 mandc-12 mandc-13 mandc-14 mandc-16 mandc-17 mandc-18 mandc-19 mandc-20 mandc-21 mandc-22 mandc-23 mandc-24 mandc-25 mandc-26 mandc-27 mandc-28 mandc-29

Author: rhaeannephotography

I am a wife to my gorgeous husband Tommy, and a mom to my way cool kids, Kya (19) and Shea (17). We live in Anchorage, Alaska. Photography is my outlet to be with people and use my creativity to capture memories for people. My hubby is my second shooter for our weddings. We LOVE serving couples on their big day, it truly is like a long date day!

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