The Hemmer Family

I was excited to get to photograph Beka and her sweet family. When I started out almost 6 years ago, I felt like I needed/wanted a logo, so when I contacted Rebekah she said she would trade me to take photos of her jewelry for a logo and help with a website. She owns an Etsy shop called Burnish.  – She is amazingly talented in many ways. It was a honor to capture her and her guys. We started out at the top of the hill and 2o minutes later we ended at the bottom of the hill with a wiped out little boy! As you can see and most of you know, 3 year olds never stop moving so family sessions are quick and dirty! Enjoy! hemmer-2hemmerhemmer-6 hemmer-4hemmer-5hemmer-6 hemmer-7 hemmer-8 hemmer-9 hemmer-10 hemmer-11 hemmer-12 hemmer-14 hemmer-15 hemmer-16 hemmer-17  hemmer-19 hemmer-20 hemmer-18hemmer-21 hemmer-22 hemmer-23 hemmer-24 hemmer-25 hemmer-26 hemmer-27 hemmer-30hemmer-28 hemmer-29  hemmer-31 hemmer-32 hemmer-33

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