Vanessa & Lowen

Vanessa and Lowen were married on Aug 9th at the Trail Lake Lodge. Forecast was calling for 90% rain….BUT angels held back the clouds until Tommy and I drove off! What a truly Alaskan wedding. There were float planes parked at the dock, red salmon in the streams near by, and an incredible lush backdrop! The staff at Trail Lake Lodge were super helpful, and so kind.

blog print-4One of my favorite things about wedding photography is capturing the “First Look”. Vanessa and Lowen’s first look was truly special. She said it was the best decision for their day. Below she was all smiles and excitement walking towards her husband to be.  blog print-5 I suggested before he turn around that they say a prayer. blog print-33.. blog print-7 blog print-8 blog print-9 blog print-10 blog print-11 blog print-12 blog print-13 blog print-14 blog print-15 blog print-30blog print-16 blog print-2blog print-31blog print-29blog print-22 blog print-19 blog print-20 blog print-21 blog print-18 blog print-17 blog print-24 blog print-25 blog print-26  blog print-28blog print-27

E-session @ Knik Glacier… By Plane!

“Would you be willing to fly to our engagement session location?”
“Why yes, yes I would!”
Steve proposed to Amanda on their first airplane ride together on the way to Knik Glacier. So what better way to document it then to fly there!? Knik Glacier is a 1/2 hour ride, about 50 miles north of as-4 as-5 as-6

At this very moment it started to snow…as-8 as-7  as-9 as-10 as-11 as-13These two are beautiful together…a great pair. Tommy and I are really looking forward to photographing their winter wedding! as-14 as-15 as-16 as-18 After taking a few photos, we hopped back in, and Steve flew over the Glacier for a better view…it was spectacular.  as-19 as-20 as-21 as-22 as-23 as-24

Thanks to Steve for taking this one from his seat…as-25 Sleeping Lady is my favorite, so glad I was able to get this shot! as-26 as-27

Lacy – Class of 2015

I don’t normally blog my senior sessions, but I couldn’t believe how fun this session was to edit! The lighting was incredible, but most of all my model was the LIGHT – She brought her friend Kyla to help (who was a pro!) and we all had such a fun time! Senior photos are such a monumental time for students, and what’s better than having a total blast taking them!lacy-3 lacy-4 lacy-5