E-session @ Knik Glacier… By Plane!

“Would you be willing to fly to our engagement session location?”
“Why yes, yes I would!”
Steve proposed to Amanda on their first airplane ride together on the way to Knik Glacier. So what better way to document it then to fly there!? Knik Glacier is a 1/2 hour ride, about 50 miles north of Anchorage.as-2 as-4 as-5 as-6

At this very moment it started to snow…as-8 as-7  as-9 as-10 as-11 as-13These two are beautiful together…a great pair. Tommy and I are really looking forward to photographing their winter wedding! as-14 as-15 as-16 as-18 After taking a few photos, we hopped back in, and Steve flew over the Glacier for a better view…it was spectacular.  as-19 as-20 as-21 as-22 as-23 as-24

Thanks to Steve for taking this one from his seat…as-25 Sleeping Lady is my favorite, so glad I was able to get this shot! as-26 as-27

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