Michaela and Levi are Hitched!

It’s always such a pleasure to photograph friends. Michaela is such a precious soul, and we are so glad she met her Levi. What a fun, and “perfect for each other” couple they are. Their first look was at Kincaid Park, and then we headed back to Bayshore Club House for their ceremony/reception. Beek-12 Beek-14 Beek-17 Beek-20 Beek-28 Beek-32 Beek-40 Beek-44 Beek-54 Beek-56 Beek-61 Beek-62 Beek-63 Beek-77 Beek-79 Beek-94 Beek-102 Beek-105 Beek-106 Beek-115 Beek-163 Beek-165 Beek-168 Beek-212 Beek-217 Beek-218 Beek-220 Beek-224 Beek-227 Beek-242 Beek-248 Beek-250 Beek-291 Beek-297 Beek-305 Beek-309 Beek-318 Beek-332 Beek-340 Beek-361 Beek-367 Beek-370

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