A Beautiful Homer Family

We always look forward to visiting Homer, it’s such a beautiful harbor town. Amanda’s call 6 months prior about taking their photos in Homer was perfect, it meant this year’s trip would have to happen, no cancelations! The kind of family sessions where families just get to relax and enjoy their home/town, are the absolute BEST! Enjoy! BarthblogBarthblog-45Barthblog-2Barthblog-3Barthblog-4Barthblog-5Barthblog-6Barthblog-7Barthblog-8Barthblog-9Barthblog-10Barthblog-11Barthblog-13Barthblog-14Barthblog-15Barthblog-16Barthblog-17Barthblog-18Barthblog-19Barthblog-20Barthblog-21Barthblog-22Barthblog-24Barthblog-26Barthblog-27Barthblog-29Barthblog-30Barthblog-31Barthblog-32Barthblog-33Barthblog-34Barthblog-35Barthblog-36Barthblog-37Barthblog-38Barthblog-39Barthblog-40Barthblog-41Barthblog-42Barthblog-43Barthblog-44

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