Fall.Family.Forever Images.

I’m always so happy for families that ‘do the work’ it takes to schedule a family session, find outfits that look great together and make it to their session in one piece! HA! Or at least it may seem that way. But I’m happy because, like most things in this life, if they’re good and worth it, they take effort and heart. This precious family arrived at 5:58pm and left at 6:44 pm. 46 minutes later they now have images they can treasure forever. 46 minutes. Enjoy the beautiful Sternicki Family!1345678910111213

Work Hard•Play Hard


We’ve been busy around here! Our son Shea was accepted to be a part of an Ecology based trip to the Galápagos Islands! A team of 12 students  and 2 science teachers from Goldenview  will leave over spring break in March.

Since Shea’s dad is super handy and I can manage a paint brush, we came up with an idea of making and selling Growler/Beer caddies…a little unconventional for a middle schooler, but hey, they’re selling!!img_4701

This is a Growler Caddy in the dark stain, it holds 2 growlers, 4 750ml bottles, (wine bottles) or 8 12oz beer bottles.img_4539

This is the Beer/Wine Caddy in the Chestnut stain, it holds 8 12 oz. beer bottles, 6 22oz bottles, or 6 750ml wine bottles.img_4540Here is a peek at the Red stain color, we will post a final product tomorrow.img_4713

You can purchase these by clicking the link below, it will direct you to my website and the paypal link! Thank you! Pay HERE