Lifestyle Sessions

I get asked a lot if I shoot Newborn Sessions, and I always respond with, “I can come to your home and shoot a “lifestyle session” for you. It will mean that you’re in the photos…” There are some incredible newborn photographers here in Anchorage, two of which I recommend always, AK Design Studio or Autumn Clarkson Photography .

Lifestyle Sessions are more organic in nature and capture your home, and the family dynamic as it is.

This is the gorgeous Shibe family. I met Emma via email first. I was searching for a real estate agent, and I wanted someone that was not pushy, and would listen and be honest and fair. When I read her bio, I knew she was the one! Her and her partner Michelle were God sends for us. They are The dynamic duo at Anchorage Home Real Estate  if you’re in the market!

So back to family…the tables were turned for providing a personal service. I was honored to first capture some sweet baby belly shots for them before their precious girl arrived. Enjoy!shibe tribe blogs-10shibe tribe blogs-8shibe tribe blogs-11shibe tribe blogs-6shibe tribe blogs-5shibe tribe blogs-4shibe tribe blogs-3And then, a few weeks later, their lives changed forever. shibe tribe blogs-2shibe tribe blogsshibe tribe blogs

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