Mr. & Mrs. Reyes Say “I Do”

I know Kayla and so many others are excited to see these, so here are some favorites highlights of their amazing day!

Kayla and Nito were married on JULY 4th at the Alaskan Legends Lodge in Soldotna, AK. What a gorgeous day to celebrate two beautiful souls’ LOVE for each other. They poured their heart into the planning and the ENJOYING of this decision! They wrote their own vows, decorated everything you could think of, and truly had FUN on their amazing day!

Reyes Blogs-3Reyes Blogs-14Reyes Blogs-4


Before these precious moments happened, this did:

Reyes Blogs-122

Reyes Blogs-106Reyes Blogs-108Reyes Blogs-109Reyes Blogs-110Reyes Blogs-111Reyes Blogs-113Reyes Blogs-114Reyes Blogs-117Reyes Blogs-118Reyes Blogs-119Reyes Blogs-120Reyes Blogs-115


Ok, Best man did good! But now back to these two love birds!

A Blog-1A Blog-2

Reyes Blogs-9A Blog-4Reyes Blogs-12A Blog-7Reyes Blogs-6Reyes Blogs-5Reyes Blogs-16Reyes Blogs-19Reyes Blogs-15Reyes Blogs-103Reyes Blogs-20Reyes Blogs-18Reyes BlogsReyes Blogs-23Reyes Blogs-24Reyes Blogs-21Reyes Blogs-22Reyes Blogs-32Reyes Blogs-28Reyes Blogs-25Reyes Blogs-27Reyes Blogs-29Reyes Blogs-31Reyes Blogs-35Reyes Blogs-104Reyes Blogs-33Reyes Blogs-34

Reyes Blogs-105Reyes Blogs-38Reyes Blogs-43Reyes Blogs-44Reyes Blogs-41Reyes Blogs-42Reyes Blogs-46Reyes Blogs-47Reyes Blogs-48Reyes Blogs-56Reyes Blogs-49Reyes Blogs-51Reyes Blogs-2Reyes Blogs-50Reyes Blogs-66Reyes Blogs-53Reyes Blogs-59Reyes Blogs-57Reyes Blogs-65Reyes Blogs-61Reyes Blogs-63Reyes Blogs-60Reyes Blogs-67Reyes Blogs-68Reyes Blogs-70Reyes Blogs-71Reyes Blogs-73Reyes Blogs-74Reyes Blogs-79Reyes Blogs-77Reyes Blogs-78

Reyes Blogs-98Reyes Blogs-100Reyes Blogs-99Reyes Blogs-102Reyes Blogs-80Reyes Blogs-81Reyes Blogs-82Reyes Blogs-83

Venue: Alaska Legends Kenai River Lodge

Flowers: Paper Peony  @paperpeony

With the help of:  Green Thumb Succulents @greenthumbsucculents

Dress: Dreamers and Lovers @dreamersandlovers_

Shoes: XTRATUF & Vans

D.J.: Alaska Profession Entertainment @gowithape

Cake: Midnight Sun Cakery @midnightsuncakery

Ice Cream: Wild Scoops @wildscoops

Donuts: Carrs

Kayla’s Tattoos: @jake_scrinver

Wedding Planner: Kalli Randall @kallidenali

Photography: Rhae Anne & Tommy Etheredge with Rhae Anne Photography



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