An Alaskan Engagement

Meeting clients for the first time, and then clicking the shutter about 5 minutes later is what I do.

To build trust and have someone feel relaxed within that time frame is a skill, some of it’s learned, and some of it is definitely a God given gift that I don’t take for granted.

These two were willing to come a little earlier than planned to work around weather, and they were so comfortable with each other, that capturing their joy and love for each other was pretty simple! janet & Mark-9janet & Mark-2janet & Mark-10janet & Mark-11janet & Mark-6janet & Mark-8janet & Mark-7janet & Mark-4janet & Mark-5janet & Mark-3janet & MarkTowards the end, they brought out the pups for some family photos!

2014 Personal Favorites…and Why.

I found that this last year was the year of portraits for me. It’s always interesting and a little surprising to go back through all the sessions and  personal work, and find a common theme.

This is our son Shea, and below is his older sister, Kya. They spiffed up to tape their dad’s surprise birthday video, but meanwhile I snapped a few head shots by the window.


Charles and Jesse
This was a January wedding in Kealakekua, Hawaii. Their wedding was held at the groom’s parent’s house just up the road. I love this photo, because these are the same steps my hubby and I posed on for our wedding portrait almost 18 years ago. It was so neat to be back at Kings Mansion to photograph this sweet couple!
Her look says so many things….but sometimes the best portraits taken are ones that aren’t planned…in an unfinished bedroom…next to a toilet. (LOL!)
Taken outside with a smoking tiki torch adding a little drama.
Window light, amazing eyes, and a beautiful lady.
Teresa Marie
No lights, just natural light spilling into this stinky alley way. But hey, in March, you take what you can get in downtown Anchorage.
Sibling love…the only moment these two were in perfect symmetry.
I couldn’t get over her hair! What a beauty! If I would have stepped back, you could then see that the concrete wall ends on either side of her. The downtown bus depot sure makes a pretty backdrop. 🙂
Little Archer really had no clue we were trying for an epic superhero portrait, but this shot wrapped it up!
Sometimes you have to tell mom to leave the bubbles, they are just too cute!
Our family made it to Homer again this year and we were able to have some family from Alabama join us! This is my cousin Aiden. A nice man let the boys pull in their own fish!
Sometime the light is so perfect I literally get teary eyed…just saying.
Shiloh and Clinton
This was such a special and fun wedding. My hubby shoots weddings with me, so we both were able to capture his Captain’s big day for him and his lovely wife!
Alex and Rachel
Point Woronzoff’s only tree…just kidding…. sort of. It made a great filter for the beautiful sunset.
Kenzie and Daddy
Daddy’s girl. Back door window light in their living room. Who needs a studio! 🙂
Homer Boat
I couldn’t pass up this face.
Pearl is my favorite little girl to photograph…I always get the same tragic, yet peaceful look from her.
Johnson Family
I didn’t have to ask them to make these gestures…Money.
It’s a framer. Thankful I caught this.
Baby Cooper and her dog.
Mom and Dad wanted this sweet shot, so glad it happened!
The Connolleys
This mom and dad shot will be even more special when the kiddos are older. What a great family
XtraTuf boots are Alaska’s Boot
Family part 2
The view from below! 🙂
This is our second annual ‘playing in the rain’ shot…We will try it each year.
Alaskan Family
This family really is strong in so many ways!
The security guards were too shy to tell us to leave….ha!
Sam and Cameron
These two know how to play! I love that about them.
Mom and Son
Kristen was my daughter’s 4th grade teacher, it was neat to take her family’s photos….I loved this genuine moment between her and her son.
Sometimes it’s all about finding the details, and symmetry, and color, and light…and sometimes all those things show up in a moment without looking for them.
Another Grace shot – even her shy look is stunning.
Say What?! This senior session was almost a wrap and then BOOM!
Walking by these two cuties at the fair and this guy was having a blast!
I’m in love with the lines and composition in the photograph, and my model was OWNING this dress, and pose.
Cheyanne’s dress and hair needed to be photographed against this color, never mind that it’s the back side of the JCPenny parking garage.
The bokeh, her hair, her high cheek bones. LOVE
It wasn’t working until I asked her to pull her hood up…then it was on – her whole mood, her look, her attitude.
I’m thankful someone painted the railings red. That is all.
Lacy belongs in the movies, she’s so dreamy
I love this because I took this from our back porch.
The softness and color are gorgeous, but her expression is priceless.
More deep thoughts…
Amanda and Steve
Steve with his two babies 🙂
Exit Glacier
“Would I like to fly out the Exit Glacier where you proposed and photograph your engagement shots?” YES.
It was incredible! One of my favorite sessions!
These girls did this session for their mom as a surprise!
Some of you are graced with an ability to look great in every shot…this little one is very photogenic.
She gets it from her big sister, Brittany!
Congress Ave. Bridge
Congress Ave. Bridge in Austin, TX awaiting the infamous bats to fly off into the night.
And they’re off! Millions of bats emerge from Congress Ave. bridge to look for food.
SOCO in Austin, TX
Awaiting it’s owners return
Vanessa and Lowen
Such a genuine and true couple! Loved this wedding
Mom and son
Sweet smiles
My hubby, Tommy captured this moment of his younger brother getting ready for his wedding.
Ollie and Matthew
Ollie and Matthew
This moment happened so fast, I did what I could Manually, the rest I was able to do in post..bring up the light (it was pretty dark) and soften the colors…
They were talking about her sparkly shoes. I love these moments.
Sweet Eyes
Love a good 50mm, it’s all you really need as a photographer. The rest is all for fun.
This is her little brother looking out the window, looking mighty dapper!
Alaskan Rings
This was the bride’s idea, loved it!
We did it!
Expression is priceless.
This 10 sec portrait session was all too easy, but then again look how stunning my model is!


E-session @ Knik Glacier… By Plane!

“Would you be willing to fly to our engagement session location?”
“Why yes, yes I would!”
Steve proposed to Amanda on their first airplane ride together on the way to Knik Glacier. So what better way to document it then to fly there!? Knik Glacier is a 1/2 hour ride, about 50 miles north of as-4 as-5 as-6

At this very moment it started to snow…as-8 as-7  as-9 as-10 as-11 as-13These two are beautiful together…a great pair. Tommy and I are really looking forward to photographing their winter wedding! as-14 as-15 as-16 as-18 After taking a few photos, we hopped back in, and Steve flew over the Glacier for a better view…it was spectacular.  as-19 as-20 as-21 as-22 as-23 as-24

Thanks to Steve for taking this one from his seat…as-25 Sleeping Lady is my favorite, so glad I was able to get this shot! as-26 as-27

Jillian & Kris




My heart melted when Jillian and I met up at a local grocery/coffee spot as she told me how her and Kris started dating; all the while her little guy was restless and ready to play with what ever he could get his hands on…so we didn’t have a lot of time to chat. Jillian is a hard working mom with a big heart and has faith in God that is like static electricity. I was thrilled to meet Kris on the day we shot their engagement photos. (In the same location that he proposed to her!) Kris is kind, soft spoken, and he is smitten, but not only with Jillian. Enjoy…jandk-9 jandk-14 jandk-17 jandk-21 jandk-26 jandk-68 jandk-70jandk-31 jandk-36 jandk-37 jandk-47 jandk-54 jandk-56 jandk-59 jandk-60jandk-6