Baby it’s cold outside

I haven’t blogged in a long time. This session lasted all of 22 minutes because it was 18 degrees. Alaska is brutal and beautiful all wrapped up in a pretty package. I like to keep kiddos in the car until absolutely necessary, so I can photograph parents first. Moms especially work very hard to make sure memories are captured and stored on a flash drive in the junk drawer. (Ooops, did I say that?) Lol…Anyway, BOTH parents work hard to get the family ready, and so I do my best to capture them! If you’ve been wanting to get those family photos done, now is the time! rodblog-2rodblog-3rodblog-4rodblog-5rodblog-6rodblog-7rodblog-8rodblog-9rodblog-10rodblog-11rodblog-12rodblog-13rodblog-14rodblog-15rodblog-16rodblog-17rodblog-18rodblog-19rodblog-20rodblog-21rodblog-22rodblog-23rodblog-24rodblog-25rodblog

The Arend Family

Trying to decide a location for family photos can be a challenge at times, but once Tina suggested the families’ property along with text photos, it was a no brainer!

What an incredibly beautiful location. Home sessions are really some of my favorite sessions. I hope you enjoy this sweet family as much as we did!ArendblogsArendblogs-2Arendblogs-4Arendblogs-5Arendblogs-6Arendblogs-37Arendblogs-7Arendblogs-8Arendblogs-9Arendblogs-10Arendblogs-11Arendblogs-12Arendblogs-13Arendblogs-14Arendblogs-15Arendblogs-16Arendblogs-17Arendblogs-18Arendblogs-19Arendblogs-20Arendblogs-21Arendblogs-22Arendblogs-23Arendblogs-24Arendblogs-25Arendblogs-26Arendblogs-27Arendblogs-28Arend blogArendblogs-29Arendblogs-31Arendblogs-32Arendblogs-33Arendblogs-34Arendblogs-35Arendblogs-36Arendblogs-38Arendblogs-39Arendblogs-40

Twins and fall leaves make for a great photo session!

4 year old twins, 30 minutes, and I was exhausted…GO MOM! I have mad respect for mom’s, especially single moms (and dads) that are doing it day in and day out…I have teenagers myself and vaguely remember the baby/toddler/grade school age – maybe it was the sleep deprivation?? Lol! I’m quickly reminded when I have kiddos running circles around me at sessions, how much patience and love it takes to raise beautiful little humans. Enjoy!brownblog-10


Alaska never ceases to amaze.

Sunday was one of those days that blew me away…the beauty was inspiring. I had never been to this part of Hatcher Pass. The Mystrom family followed me down a road we had never been and we were so glad we kept going! Enjoy!


“Life’s just one great journey. It’s a road we travel as we go from point A to point B. What makes that journey worthwhile is the people we choose to travel with, the people we hold close as we take steps into the darkness and blindly make our way through life. They’re the people who matter.” – Dr. Suess

The Wiseman Family at McHugh Creek

Last week, The Wiseman family met me and my son at McHugh creek for their family photo session. They hadn’t had their photos taken since the kids were toddler age, so it was time. It was a gorgeous evening and what a treat to hang out with such a sweet family! Enjoy the beauty, and let this be a great reminder to get those photos taken, you won’t regret it! 1716141312111510876518432

A Beautiful Homer Family

We always look forward to visiting Homer, it’s such a beautiful harbor town. Amanda’s call 6 months prior about taking their photos in Homer was perfect, it meant this year’s trip would have to happen, no cancelations! The kind of family sessions where families just get to relax and enjoy their home/town, are the absolute BEST! Enjoy! BarthblogBarthblog-45Barthblog-2Barthblog-3Barthblog-4Barthblog-5Barthblog-6Barthblog-7Barthblog-8Barthblog-9Barthblog-10Barthblog-11Barthblog-13Barthblog-14Barthblog-15Barthblog-16Barthblog-17Barthblog-18Barthblog-19Barthblog-20Barthblog-21Barthblog-22Barthblog-24Barthblog-26Barthblog-27Barthblog-29Barthblog-30Barthblog-31Barthblog-32Barthblog-33Barthblog-34Barthblog-35Barthblog-36Barthblog-37Barthblog-38Barthblog-39Barthblog-40Barthblog-41Barthblog-42Barthblog-43Barthblog-44

An Evening with the Emersons

This is the third time I’ve captured the Emerson family. The first time mom was pregnant with her littlest. I absolutely LOVE being a lifetime photographer. Families grow, and change, and find their groove as time goes by. With each session I’m able to see little quirks, and looks, and hear certain giggles that make me feel like apart of the family for a moment. Family photos are super fun and fast, yet very intimate and delicate. Enjoy this one!!



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