It’s a SNELLebration!

Sarah & Wade were married at Sarah’s family home on July 20th, 2019 in Eagle River, Alaska. It was an absolutely breath taking day.

Sarah’s parent’s, Michelle and Steve Haynes,  have worked countless hours in and on their yard/property. It was only natural that Sarah and Wayde get married there. snell-1st-half-blogs-53.jpg

Snell 1st half blogs-65

Snell 1st half blogs-178

Snell 1st half blogs-194Snell 1st half blogs-189

Snell 1st half blogs-10

Snell 1st half blogs-35

Snell 1st half blogs-48Snell 1st half blogs-58Snell 1st half blogs-2Snell 1st half blogs-71Snell 1st half blogs-67Snell 1st half blogs-74Snell 1st half blogs-68Snell 1st half blogs-69Snell 1st half blogs-1-14

Snell 1st half blogs-84Snell 1st half blogs-85Tommy hung out with the guys at Wayde’s family home prior to meeting Sarah and I for their first look. He said it was so cool to see how close Wayde is with his family, and especially with his younger brother, Derryk.

Snell 1st half blogs-86Snell 1st half blogs-87Snell 1st half blogs-2-2Snell 1st half blogs-4-2Snell 1st half blogs-91This moment made me cry. As many hours as Michelle has spent beautifying her property and home, THIS moment showed just how much the hours we spend with our children in the daily routines, and in the highlighted moments are what truly matter. Snell 1st half blogs-89Snell 1st half blogs-90Snell 1st half blogs-92Snell 1st half blogs-94

Snell 1st half blogs-100

Snell 1st half blogs-111

Reading letters to each other and stealing a moment before the day begins.

Snell 1st half blogs-116Snell 1st half blogs-120

Snell 1st half blogs-124Snell 1st half blogs-128

“Just look at each other for a moment” ….Snell 1st half blogs-132Snell 1st half blogs-129Had to show off the XTRATUF boots, because….Steve. 🙂Snell 1st half blogs-54Snell 1st half blogs-135Snell 1st half blogs-137

Their dog BEAN made his debut throughout the day, such a cutie!Snell 1st half blogs-149Snell 1st half blogs-152

Snell 1st half blogs-142Snell 1st half blogs-145Snell 1st half blogs-146Snell 1st half blogs-144Snell 1st half blogs-148

Snell 1st half blogs-196Snell 1st half blogs-197Snell 1st half blogs-200Snell 1st half blogs-199

Snell 1st half blogs-198Snell 1st half blogs-201Snell 1st half blogs-1-16Snell 1st half blogs-202Snell 1st half blogs-203Snell 1st half blogs-204

Snell 1st half blogs-2-12

They literally  tied the knot!  Ecc 4:9 A cord of three strands is not easily broken.Snell 1st half blogs-5-8

Snell 1st half blogs-1-5

Snell 1st half blogs-10-3

Snell 1st half blogs-7-6

Snell 1st half blogs-6-6Snell 1st half blogs-5-6Snell 1st half blogs-4-8Snell 1st half blogs-8-6

Snell 1st half blogs-9-6

Venue: Gardens on Lee (Website and Venue info coming soon! Feel free to contact me for updated info, 907-301-8671)

Dress: Allure Bridals

Mens Attire: Men’s Warehouse

D.J.: Alaska Professional Entertainment with Eric Robson

Caterer: Hula Hands

Tents: Over the Top

Photography: Rhae Anne and Tommy Etheredge 


Mr. & Mrs. Reyes Say “I Do”

I know Kayla and so many others are excited to see these, so here are some favorites highlights of their amazing day!

Kayla and Nito were married on JULY 4th at the Alaskan Legends Lodge in Soldotna, AK. What a gorgeous day to celebrate two beautiful souls’ LOVE for each other. They poured their heart into the planning and the ENJOYING of this decision! They wrote their own vows, decorated everything you could think of, and truly had FUN on their amazing day!

Reyes Blogs-3Reyes Blogs-14Reyes Blogs-4


Before these precious moments happened, this did:

Reyes Blogs-122

Reyes Blogs-106Reyes Blogs-108Reyes Blogs-109Reyes Blogs-110Reyes Blogs-111Reyes Blogs-113Reyes Blogs-114Reyes Blogs-117Reyes Blogs-118Reyes Blogs-119Reyes Blogs-120Reyes Blogs-115


Ok, Best man did good! But now back to these two love birds!

A Blog-1A Blog-2

Reyes Blogs-9A Blog-4Reyes Blogs-12A Blog-7Reyes Blogs-6Reyes Blogs-5Reyes Blogs-16Reyes Blogs-19Reyes Blogs-15Reyes Blogs-103Reyes Blogs-20Reyes Blogs-18Reyes BlogsReyes Blogs-23Reyes Blogs-24Reyes Blogs-21Reyes Blogs-22Reyes Blogs-32Reyes Blogs-28Reyes Blogs-25Reyes Blogs-27Reyes Blogs-29Reyes Blogs-31Reyes Blogs-35Reyes Blogs-104Reyes Blogs-33Reyes Blogs-34

Reyes Blogs-105Reyes Blogs-38Reyes Blogs-43Reyes Blogs-44Reyes Blogs-41Reyes Blogs-42Reyes Blogs-46Reyes Blogs-47Reyes Blogs-48Reyes Blogs-56Reyes Blogs-49Reyes Blogs-51Reyes Blogs-2Reyes Blogs-50Reyes Blogs-66Reyes Blogs-53Reyes Blogs-59Reyes Blogs-57Reyes Blogs-65Reyes Blogs-61Reyes Blogs-63Reyes Blogs-60Reyes Blogs-67Reyes Blogs-68Reyes Blogs-70Reyes Blogs-71Reyes Blogs-73Reyes Blogs-74Reyes Blogs-79Reyes Blogs-77Reyes Blogs-78

Reyes Blogs-98Reyes Blogs-100Reyes Blogs-99Reyes Blogs-102Reyes Blogs-80Reyes Blogs-81Reyes Blogs-82Reyes Blogs-83

Venue: Alaska Legends Kenai River Lodge

Flowers: Paper Peony  @paperpeony

With the help of:  Green Thumb Succulents @greenthumbsucculents

Dress: Dreamers and Lovers @dreamersandlovers_

Shoes: XTRATUF & Vans

D.J.: Alaska Profession Entertainment @gowithape

Cake: Midnight Sun Cakery @midnightsuncakery

Ice Cream: Wild Scoops @wildscoops

Donuts: Carrs

Kayla’s Tattoos: @jake_scrinver

Wedding Planner: Kalli Randall @kallidenali

Photography: Rhae Anne & Tommy Etheredge with Rhae Anne Photography



An Estes Park Wedding

The Black Canyon Inn and Twin Owls Steakhouse were GREAT hosts! What an incredibly beautiful venue! I hope you enjoy!

I met up with Vicki and Ben on a windy day at Beluga Point, in Anchorage, Alaska. We were scheduled for an engagement session, 20 minutes later, we were walking back to the car and after finding out they were to be married in Estes Park the following May, I told them that I travel for weddings. After posting a sneak peak of their e-session, they asked me to be their photographer. YES!

After meeting Ben and Vicki’s family it made sense why they seemed like they had been married for years already, why they treated one another with the utmost respect and have a quiet confidence about them. They come from ‘good stock’! What a precious group of people that surrounded them on their special day!

The Black Canyon Inn and Twin Owls Steakhouse were GREAT hosts! What an incredibly beautiful venue! I hope you enjoy!

Gil BlogsGil Blogs-7Gil Blogs-10Gil Blogs-15Gil Blogs-18Gil Blogs-19Gil Blogs-21Gil Blogs-22Gil Blogs-24Gil Blogs-26Gil Blogs-25Gil Blogs-27Gil Blogs-29Gil Blogs-31

Gil Blogs-33
Flowers were done by: wood florist

Gil Blogs-32Gil Blogs-35Gil Blogs-40Gil Blogs-36Gil Blogs-34Gil Blogs-42Gil Blogs-37Gil Blogs-38Gil Blogs-39Gil Blogs-43Gil Blogs-45Gil Blogs-46Gil Blogs-47Gil Blogs-44Gil Blogs-49Gil Blogs-48Gil Blogs-50Gil Blogs-51Gil Blogs-52Gil Blogs-53Gil Blogs-54Gil Blogs-57Gil Blogs-56Gil Blogs-58Gil Blogs-55Gil Blogs-62Gil Blogs-63Gil Blogs-64

Gil Blogs-60
Flowers by:

Gil Blogs-61Gil Blogs-66Gil Blogs-69Gil Blogs-67Gil Blogs-71Gil Blogs-72Gil Blogs-70Gil Blogs-73Gil Blogs-74Gil Blogs-75Gil Blogs-76Gil Blogs-77Gil Blogs-78Gil Blogs-80Gil Blogs-79Gil Blogs-81Gil Blogs-83Gil Blogs-82Gil Blogs-84Gil Blogs-86Gil Blogs-87Gil Blogs-89Gil Blogs-88Gil Blogs-91Gil Blogs-90Gil Blogs-92Gil Blogs-93Gil Blogs-94Gil Blogs-95Gil Blogs-97Gil Blogs-96Gil Blogs-98Gil Blogs-99Gil Blogs-101Gil Blogs-100Gil Blogs-102Gil Blogs-103Gil Blogs-104Gil Blogs-105Gil Blogs-106Gil Blogs-107Gil Blogs-109Gil Blogs-108Gil Blogs-110Gil Blogs-112Gil Blogs-113Gil Blogs-114Gil Blogs-111Gil Blogs-115Gil Blogs-119Gil Blogs-117Gil Blogs-116Gil Blogs-118Gil Blogs-120Gil Blogs-122Gil Blogs-121Gil Blogs-131Gil Blogs-123Gil Blogs-125Gil Blogs-128Gil Blogs-130Gil Blogs-129Gil Blogs-133Gil Blogs-132Gil Blogs-137Gil Blogs-135Gil Blogs-138Gil Blogs-139Gil Blogs-140Gil Blogs-142Gil Blogs-145Gil Blogs-147Gil Blogs-146Gil Blogs-150Gil Blogs-149Gil Blogs-155Gil Blogs-156Gil Blogs-158Gil Blogs-159Gil Blogs-160Gil Blogs-161Gil Blogs-162Gil Blogs-157Gil Blogs-186Gil Blogs-188Gil Blogs-187Gil Blogs-189Gil Blogs-190Gil Blogs-191Gil Blogs-192Gil Blogs-193Gil Blogs-164Gil Blogs-165Gil Blogs-170Gil Blogs-166Gil Blogs-168Gil Blogs-167Gil Blogs-169Gil Blogs-171Gil Blogs-183Gil Blogs-182Gil Blogs-174Gil Blogs-173Gil Blogs-172Gil Blogs-175Gil Blogs-176Gil Blogs-179Gil Blogs-178Gil Blogs-180Gil Blogs-184Gil Blogs-185Venue: Black Canyon Inn


Reception: Twin Owls Steakhouse

My Second Shooter: Jenna Perrins

Flowers by: Paul Wood Florist

Shoes worn by Bride, Groom, and Wedding Party: John Fluevog


LongJohn Wedding Weekend

Kat & Casey ~ July 28, 2018

The Nikiski Fair Grounds was the place to be on the 27th of July. Kat and Casey’s wedding weekend was FULL of laughter and tons of memories, and it was all accomplished with amazing friends and family.

The night before a wedding is typically set aside for a rehearsal dinner…well Kat and Casey made sure that there would be no rehearsing, only a Taco bar and an OLYMPIC sized game of Firefighters vs. Teachers. It started with the national anthem, then on to the human size hungry hippo game, and then more Firefighter and Teacher themed events. It was nothing short of EPIC. So much thought, and detail went into the entire weekend – they really know how to celebrate!

john blogjohn blog-2john-blog-4.jpgjohn blog-5john blog-7john-blog-8.jpg

Pause, for the National Anthem!

john blog-15john-blog-16.jpgjohn blog-18john blog-19john blog-20

john blog-22
Put on 5 items of clothing and run to the finish line…Go!

john blog-24john-blog-23-e1533939622862.jpg

john blog-25
Who can put the most bandaids on….GO!

john blog-27john blog-28john blog-29

john blog-30
Just chug the drink…GO!

john blog-31

john blog-32
Water balloon toss, and GO!
john blog-34
Maid of Honor vs. Best Man…

john blog-34

john blog-35
Go Stiglich!
john blog-36
Teachers WIN!

john blog-38

john blog-39
The Pro at grading papers.

john blog-40john blog-41

john blog-43
Who can tie the most shoes?? Looks like Kat won!

john blog-47john blog-48

john blog-49
And we have the winners!

john blog-206john blog-52john blog-51john blog-54john blog-58john blog-68john blog-69john blog-70john blog-72john blog-73john blog-74john blog-75john blog-59john blog-62john blog-57

john blog-76
Proper wedding shoes for a Deep Creek wedding!

john blog-65john blog-66john blog-78john blog-187john blog-79john blog-81

john blog-84
Casey’s reaction to Kat NOT wearing the ‘pant suit’ he was told Kat would be wearing.

john blog-85john blog-86john blog-87john blog-89john blog-92

john blog-93
I love how much these two laugh together.

john blog-94john blog-95john blog-96john blog-97john blog-98john blog-99john blog-100

john blog-102
That smile…sigh…

john blog-104john blog-106john blog-107john blog-108john blog-109john blog-110john blog-112john blog-113john blog-114john blog-115john blog-117john blog-118john blog-121john blog-122john blog-123john blog-124john blog-125john blog-126john blog-127john blog-128john blog-129john blog-130john blog-131john blog-136john blog-138

john blog-139
Casey hugging his beautiful momma just before the ceremony.