It’s a SNELLebration!

Sarah & Wade were married at Sarah’s family home on July 20th, 2019 in Eagle River, Alaska. It was an absolutely breath taking day.

Sarah’s parent’s, Michelle and Steve Haynes,  have worked countless hours in and on their yard/property. It was only natural that Sarah and Wayde get married there. snell-1st-half-blogs-53.jpg

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Snell 1st half blogs-84Snell 1st half blogs-85Tommy hung out with the guys at Wayde’s family home prior to meeting Sarah and I for their first look. He said it was so cool to see how close Wayde is with his family, and especially with his younger brother, Derryk.

Snell 1st half blogs-86Snell 1st half blogs-87Snell 1st half blogs-2-2Snell 1st half blogs-4-2Snell 1st half blogs-91This moment made me cry. As many hours as Michelle has spent beautifying her property and home, THIS moment showed just how much the hours we spend with our children in the daily routines, and in the highlighted moments are what truly matter. Snell 1st half blogs-89Snell 1st half blogs-90Snell 1st half blogs-92Snell 1st half blogs-94

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Reading letters to each other and stealing a moment before the day begins.

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“Just look at each other for a moment” ….Snell 1st half blogs-132Snell 1st half blogs-129Had to show off the XTRATUF boots, because….Steve. 🙂Snell 1st half blogs-54Snell 1st half blogs-135Snell 1st half blogs-137

Their dog BEAN made his debut throughout the day, such a cutie!Snell 1st half blogs-149Snell 1st half blogs-152

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They literally  tied the knot!  Ecc 4:9 A cord of three strands is not easily broken.Snell 1st half blogs-5-8

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Venue: Gardens on Lee (Website and Venue info coming soon! Feel free to contact me for updated info, 907-301-8671)

Dress: Allure Bridals

Mens Attire: Men’s Warehouse

D.J.: Alaska Professional Entertainment with Eric Robson

Caterer: Hula Hands

Tents: Over the Top

Photography: Rhae Anne and Tommy Etheredge 


An Alaskan Engagement

Meeting clients for the first time, and then clicking the shutter about 5 minutes later is what I do.

To build trust and have someone feel relaxed within that time frame is a skill, some of it’s learned, and some of it is definitely a God given gift that I don’t take for granted.

These two were willing to come a little earlier than planned to work around weather, and they were so comfortable with each other, that capturing their joy and love for each other was pretty simple! janet & Mark-9janet & Mark-2janet & Mark-10janet & Mark-11janet & Mark-6janet & Mark-8janet & Mark-7janet & Mark-4janet & Mark-5janet & Mark-3janet & MarkTowards the end, they brought out the pups for some family photos!

Lifestyle Sessions

I get asked a lot if I shoot Newborn Sessions, and I always respond with, “I can come to your home and shoot a “lifestyle session” for you. It will mean that you’re in the photos…” There are some incredible newborn photographers here in Anchorage, two of which I recommend always, AK Design Studio or Autumn Clarkson Photography .

Lifestyle Sessions are more organic in nature and capture your home, and the family dynamic as it is.

This is the gorgeous Shibe family. I met Emma via email first. I was searching for a real estate agent, and I wanted someone that was not pushy, and would listen and be honest and fair. When I read her bio, I knew she was the one! Her and her partner Michelle were God sends for us. They are The dynamic duo at Anchorage Home Real Estate  if you’re in the market!

So back to family…the tables were turned for providing a personal service. I was honored to first capture some sweet baby belly shots for them before their precious girl arrived. Enjoy!shibe tribe blogs-10shibe tribe blogs-8shibe tribe blogs-11shibe tribe blogs-6shibe tribe blogs-5shibe tribe blogs-4shibe tribe blogs-3And then, a few weeks later, their lives changed forever. shibe tribe blogs-2shibe tribe blogsshibe tribe blogs

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Just a walk…

It’s amazing what just a walk will do for the soul. I was out for under 20 min, and it improved my entire day. I have no clue why it’s so hard to remember this. We have beauty at our finger tips to view, soak in, enjoy…I will take another walk today. Enjoy yesterday’s view of Winner Creek Trail87463152

Mandy & Andrew

Mandy and Andrew were married in September of this year, but weren’t able to have a photographer there. Mandy recently contacted me to have their photos taken, and I suggested she get back in her dress and get those wedding portraits taken! Boy was it worth it! The day couldn’t have been more beautiful!

We chose Beluga Point, as it’s one of their favorite spots. The sun made it’s debut, but so did the wind! Mandy was a trooper!

Amber of COR Cosmetics did her makeup and Natasha with Alaska Knit Nat made her stunning bouquet and flower crown. Enjoy!!


Catie & Zeke Married at Gloryview Farm


What a day! The weather couldn’t have been more perfect! I’ve never seen Gloryview Farm look more beautiful. So many special details were everywhere you looked. Catie was simply stunning, and Zeke looked so dapper in his new duds. Enjoy!!





















33363738* Sweet Dreams are Made of These – Hubby           * You’re My Kind of Weird. – Wifey







Venue: Gloryview Farm

Photographers: Rhae Anne Photography with Tommy Etheredge

Cake Designer/Baker: Ardy Cakes

Bouquet/Boutennieres: Oopsie Daisy

Makeup: Maria Camacho with: Camacho Beauty

Hair: Janelle Bosela With: Darae’s Hair Salon and Spa

D.J.: R&R Productions

Caterer: Sal’s New York Grill & Catering

Bartender: Luise “Jerry” Ochoa

Dress: Blue Willow from: Bateau Bridal Boutique

Groom’s Attire: Nordstrom, Guabello

Decor Designer/Decorator: Ashley Farrell & Amy Winslow


Twins and fall leaves make for a great photo session!

4 year old twins, 30 minutes, and I was exhausted…GO MOM! I have mad respect for mom’s, especially single moms (and dads) that are doing it day in and day out…I have teenagers myself and vaguely remember the baby/toddler/grade school age – maybe it was the sleep deprivation?? Lol! I’m quickly reminded when I have kiddos running circles around me at sessions, how much patience and love it takes to raise beautiful little humans. Enjoy!brownblog-10