Mr. & Mrs. Reyes Say “I Do”

I know Kayla and so many others are excited to see these, so here are some favorites highlights of their amazing day!

Kayla and Nito were married on JULY 4th at the Alaskan Legends Lodge in Soldotna, AK. What a gorgeous day to celebrate two beautiful souls’ LOVE for each other. They poured their heart into the planning and the ENJOYING of this decision! They wrote their own vows, decorated everything you could think of, and truly had FUN on their amazing day!

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Before these precious moments happened, this did:

Reyes Blogs-122

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Ok, Best man did good! But now back to these two love birds!

A Blog-1A Blog-2

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Reyes Blogs-98Reyes Blogs-100Reyes Blogs-99Reyes Blogs-102Reyes Blogs-80Reyes Blogs-81Reyes Blogs-82Reyes Blogs-83

Venue: Alaska Legends Kenai River Lodge

Flowers: Paper Peony  @paperpeony

With the help of:  Green Thumb Succulents @greenthumbsucculents

Dress: Dreamers and Lovers @dreamersandlovers_

Shoes: XTRATUF & Vans

D.J.: Alaska Profession Entertainment @gowithape

Cake: Midnight Sun Cakery @midnightsuncakery

Ice Cream: Wild Scoops @wildscoops

Donuts: Carrs

Kayla’s Tattoos: @jake_scrinver

Wedding Planner: Kalli Randall @kallidenali

Photography: Rhae Anne & Tommy Etheredge with Rhae Anne Photography



LongJohn Wedding Weekend

Kat & Casey ~ July 28, 2018

The Nikiski Fair Grounds was the place to be on the 27th of July. Kat and Casey’s wedding weekend was FULL of laughter and tons of memories, and it was all accomplished with amazing friends and family.

The night before a wedding is typically set aside for a rehearsal dinner…well Kat and Casey made sure that there would be no rehearsing, only a Taco bar and an OLYMPIC sized game of Firefighters vs. Teachers. It started with the national anthem, then on to the human size hungry hippo game, and then more Firefighter and Teacher themed events. It was nothing short of EPIC. So much thought, and detail went into the entire weekend – they really know how to celebrate!

john blogjohn blog-2john-blog-4.jpgjohn blog-5john blog-7john-blog-8.jpg

Pause, for the National Anthem!

john blog-15john-blog-16.jpgjohn blog-18john blog-19john blog-20

john blog-22
Put on 5 items of clothing and run to the finish line…Go!

john blog-24john-blog-23-e1533939622862.jpg

john blog-25
Who can put the most bandaids on….GO!

john blog-27john blog-28john blog-29

john blog-30
Just chug the drink…GO!

john blog-31

john blog-32
Water balloon toss, and GO!
john blog-34
Maid of Honor vs. Best Man…

john blog-34

john blog-35
Go Stiglich!
john blog-36
Teachers WIN!

john blog-38

john blog-39
The Pro at grading papers.

john blog-40john blog-41

john blog-43
Who can tie the most shoes?? Looks like Kat won!

john blog-47john blog-48

john blog-49
And we have the winners!

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john blog-76
Proper wedding shoes for a Deep Creek wedding!

john blog-65john blog-66john blog-78john blog-187john blog-79john blog-81

john blog-84
Casey’s reaction to Kat NOT wearing the ‘pant suit’ he was told Kat would be wearing.

john blog-85john blog-86john blog-87john blog-89john blog-92

john blog-93
I love how much these two laugh together.

john blog-94john blog-95john blog-96john blog-97john blog-98john blog-99john blog-100

john blog-102
That smile…sigh…

john blog-104john blog-106john blog-107john blog-108john blog-109john blog-110john blog-112john blog-113john blog-114john blog-115john blog-117john blog-118john blog-121john blog-122john blog-123john blog-124john blog-125john blog-126john blog-127john blog-128john blog-129john blog-130john blog-131john blog-136john blog-138

john blog-139
Casey hugging his beautiful momma just before the ceremony.

john blog-140

john blog-141
The music began and without a rehearsal the wedding party dance down the aisle like pros!

john blog-142john blog-143

john blog-144
Chad the firefighter couldn’t help himself. LOL!

john blog-145john blog-146

john blog-147
Daddy helping his girls was the cutest thing.

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john blog-258
Kat made this Salmon pinata for the kids. There were so many fun activities for everyone!

john blog-259john blog-261

john blog-202
In lieu of a traditional cake – the S’mores bar was a hit!

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john blog-325

john blog-328
Congratulations Kat & Casey!


Catie & Zeke Married at Gloryview Farm


What a day! The weather couldn’t have been more perfect! I’ve never seen Gloryview Farm look more beautiful. So many special details were everywhere you looked. Catie was simply stunning, and Zeke looked so dapper in his new duds. Enjoy!!





















33363738* Sweet Dreams are Made of These – Hubby           * You’re My Kind of Weird. – Wifey







Venue: Gloryview Farm

Photographers: Rhae Anne Photography with Tommy Etheredge

Cake Designer/Baker: Ardy Cakes

Bouquet/Boutennieres: Oopsie Daisy

Makeup: Maria Camacho with: Camacho Beauty

Hair: Janelle Bosela With: Darae’s Hair Salon and Spa

D.J.: R&R Productions

Caterer: Sal’s New York Grill & Catering

Bartender: Luise “Jerry” Ochoa

Dress: Blue Willow from: Bateau Bridal Boutique

Groom’s Attire: Nordstrom, Guabello

Decor Designer/Decorator: Ashley Farrell & Amy Winslow


Faye & Brian



Faye and Brian were married on October 10, 2015 at the Fox Hollow Chalet in South Anchorage. As most of their friends and family would agree…”It was about time!” All jokes aside, these two couldn’t be more perfect for each other! I’ve known Faye since she was in grade school and I met Brian in high school…both are exceptional human beings and together…well it’s magic.

89 11 12 841013 83

They did their “first look” at McHugh Creek, it was a little breezy, but the colors were still in full bloom! Afterwards, we headed back to Fox Hall for the ceremony and reception!16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 27 28 29 30 88

Dad’s first look at his girl was priceless as well.32


Faye’s dad, Tim built this gorgeous arbor and stand for her cake and cupcakes. The detail was truly exceptional. 85868935 37 386


39 40 41 42 43 45 46 47 48 49 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 6162 63

The inside story:  Apparantly, Brian drops a lot of spendy items in the water, so his brother thought it was appropriate to safe guard the rings!64 66 67 68 69 70 658171 72 74

Brian’s dad couldn’t help himself, he had to cut in…75 177 78 79

Billy Jean was a hit! Way to move Sean!80


Wedding Venue: Fox Hall Chalet

Wedding Coordinator: Rosie Waldren

Photography: Rhae Anne Photography

Flowers: Carrs, Aurora Village

Arbor/Cake holder: Tim Kelly

Cupcakes: Tanya Pont

Catering: Sal’s New York Grill & Catering

DJ: R&R Productions

Bride’s Dress: Alfred Angelo, Anderson’s Bride

Hair: Basia Adkins, Ambiance Salon

Makeup: Sonja Kontra, Body Cafe

Groom’s Attire: Men’s Warehouse

Officiant: Scott Johnston