Senior Sessions

I’m not sure who I’m writing this to, maybe it’s to a photographer, maybe it’s to a high school senior that I haven’t had the privilege of capturing yet…but maybe this will tell you a little about myself and what I value in my senior sessions.

I was telling someone earlier today that graduating seniors are definitely a favorite of mine to capture, because it’s such a monumental time in their life.

It’s definitely their time to shine and be the lead character in their new adventure.

By the time we are meeting up to take photos, we’ve already met either via face time, or in person for their consultation. (That sounds so stiff…it’s not, I promise!) This meet up allows us to meet each other, get an idea of personal style, and things that he or she may like to do, and hopefully get to see some genuine expression.

Once we meet again, it’s my job (and honor) to bring out all the personalities…well, not all, but most ūüėČ

Smiles are expected, but not always given, so when I get a genuine one, I’m super stoked!

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And then BOOM!! The GQ and Vogue comes out!  I am always so stoked when this happens!!

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My favorite moments are when we are just about to finish up, and they have let their guard down, at this point they have seen some images on the back of my camera and are feelin’ themselves a bit, and THAT’S when I get to truly ‘SEE’ them… The real kiddo inside, that silly, messy, wild, and sweet baby their parents are going to miss like crazy!

carly blog-1-9carly blog-3-3carly blog-1-16carly blog-1-13carly blog-2-2carly blog-1-22 That last image is our daughter Kya. I’m thankful for these, and so many other images of her. That was the last frame I took on the day of her senior session. I remember it well. She is my first to graduate, and it has been exciting and super hard all in one. Any parent can relate, I’m sure. I’ve realized this year how much more invested I am in my senior sessions, because I know how much these mean to the parents.

If you are looking to have senior portraits taken, contact me! Sessions are pretty casual and pretty dang fun! Parents, come along, it’s a memorable experience for both!

Sessions are mostly outdoors, but as of October 1st, 2019, I will also have a studio space to use and to meet up for your viewing session! You will love my make up artist Kierra Manion, she is incredibly talented and will make you feel and look your best!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this!

Rhae Anne

It’s a SNELLebration!

Sarah & Wade were married at Sarah’s family home on July 20th, 2019 in Eagle River, Alaska. It was an absolutely breath taking day.

Sarah’s parent’s, Michelle and Steve Haynes,¬† have worked countless hours in and on their yard/property. It was only natural that Sarah and Wayde get married there.¬†snell-1st-half-blogs-53.jpg

Snell 1st half blogs-65

Snell 1st half blogs-178

Snell 1st half blogs-194Snell 1st half blogs-189

Snell 1st half blogs-10

Snell 1st half blogs-35

Snell 1st half blogs-48Snell 1st half blogs-58Snell 1st half blogs-2Snell 1st half blogs-71Snell 1st half blogs-67Snell 1st half blogs-74Snell 1st half blogs-68Snell 1st half blogs-69Snell 1st half blogs-1-14

Snell 1st half blogs-84Snell 1st half blogs-85Tommy hung out with the guys at Wayde’s family home prior to meeting Sarah and I for their first look. He said it was so cool to see how close Wayde is with his family, and especially with his younger brother, Derryk.

Snell 1st half blogs-86Snell 1st half blogs-87Snell 1st half blogs-2-2Snell 1st half blogs-4-2Snell 1st half blogs-91This moment made me cry. As many hours as Michelle has spent beautifying her property and home, THIS moment showed just how much the hours we spend with our children in the daily routines, and in the highlighted moments are what truly matter. Snell 1st half blogs-89Snell 1st half blogs-90Snell 1st half blogs-92Snell 1st half blogs-94

Snell 1st half blogs-100

Snell 1st half blogs-111

Reading letters to each other and stealing a moment before the day begins.

Snell 1st half blogs-116Snell 1st half blogs-120

Snell 1st half blogs-124Snell 1st half blogs-128

“Just look at each other for a moment” ….Snell 1st half blogs-132Snell 1st half blogs-129Had to show off the XTRATUF boots, because….Steve. ūüôāSnell 1st half blogs-54Snell 1st half blogs-135Snell 1st half blogs-137

Their dog BEAN made his debut throughout the day, such a cutie!Snell 1st half blogs-149Snell 1st half blogs-152

Snell 1st half blogs-142Snell 1st half blogs-145Snell 1st half blogs-146Snell 1st half blogs-144Snell 1st half blogs-148

Snell 1st half blogs-196Snell 1st half blogs-197Snell 1st half blogs-200Snell 1st half blogs-199

Snell 1st half blogs-198Snell 1st half blogs-201Snell 1st half blogs-1-16Snell 1st half blogs-202Snell 1st half blogs-203Snell 1st half blogs-204

Snell 1st half blogs-2-12

They literally  tied the knot!  Ecc 4:9 A cord of three strands is not easily broken.Snell 1st half blogs-5-8

Snell 1st half blogs-1-5

Snell 1st half blogs-10-3

Snell 1st half blogs-7-6

Snell 1st half blogs-6-6Snell 1st half blogs-5-6Snell 1st half blogs-4-8Snell 1st half blogs-8-6

Snell 1st half blogs-9-6

Venue: Gardens on Lee (Website and Venue info coming soon! Feel free to contact me for updated info, 907-301-8671)

Dress: Allure Bridals

Mens Attire: Men’s Warehouse

D.J.: Alaska Professional Entertainment with Eric Robson

Caterer: Hula Hands

Tents: Over the Top

Photography: Rhae Anne and Tommy Etheredge 


Baby it’s cold outside

I haven’t blogged in a long time. This session lasted all of 22 minutes because it was 18 degrees. Alaska is brutal and beautiful all wrapped up in a pretty package. I like to keep kiddos in the car until absolutely necessary, so I can photograph parents first. Moms especially work very hard to make sure memories are captured and stored on a flash drive in the junk drawer. (Ooops, did I say that?) Lol…Anyway, BOTH parents work hard to get the family ready, and so I do my best to capture them! If you’ve been wanting to get those family photos done, now is the time! rodblog-2rodblog-3rodblog-4rodblog-5rodblog-6rodblog-7rodblog-8rodblog-9rodblog-10rodblog-11rodblog-12rodblog-13rodblog-14rodblog-15rodblog-16rodblog-17rodblog-18rodblog-19rodblog-20rodblog-21rodblog-22rodblog-23rodblog-24rodblog-25rodblog

The Arend Family

Trying to decide a location for family photos can be a challenge at times, but once Tina suggested the families’ property along with text photos, it was a no brainer!

What an incredibly beautiful location. Home sessions are really some of my favorite sessions. I hope you enjoy this sweet family as much as we did!ArendblogsArendblogs-2Arendblogs-4Arendblogs-5Arendblogs-6Arendblogs-37Arendblogs-7Arendblogs-8Arendblogs-9Arendblogs-10Arendblogs-11Arendblogs-12Arendblogs-13Arendblogs-14Arendblogs-15Arendblogs-16Arendblogs-17Arendblogs-18Arendblogs-19Arendblogs-20Arendblogs-21Arendblogs-22Arendblogs-23Arendblogs-24Arendblogs-25Arendblogs-26Arendblogs-27Arendblogs-28Arend blogArendblogs-29Arendblogs-31Arendblogs-32Arendblogs-33Arendblogs-34Arendblogs-35Arendblogs-36Arendblogs-38Arendblogs-39Arendblogs-40

Mr. & Mrs. Plate

We were honored to capture Josh and Melissa’s wedding on May 6th at Radiant Church. What great families, friends, and church support they have. You can’t ask for better when starting a sweet life together!


The bridal bouquets were folded from pages of old books. 
The Guys were on time and looking good!
Melissa making her way down the trail to go see her husband to be for the first look. This was seriously the biggest smile of the day. 
Spring in Alaska is dirty and wet…but this location for a May 6th wedding was magical.
Josh just lights up when he talks about Melissa, his reaction was priceless.
Happiest man on the planet.
Josh’s boutonni√®re unfolded was a Map of Middle Earth with the Shire and Rivendell.


The story behind the beautiful pearl necklace Josh gifted his wife with, actually brought me to tears. The significance is worth a short story of redemption and unconditional love.


Now, our day can begin! Let’s go Party!
If you notice that the men in Melissa’s life adore her! All the “first looks” of the day were incredible to watch.


Josh and most of his sisters (-1)


You can see Melissa’s mirrored image in her dad’s glasses ¬†– LOVE IT!


An appropriate “ring pillow” for these two readers!
How special to be given away by both dads in her life!


Their FIRST kiss.


When we parked at Beluga Point, we almost decided to go elsewhere do to the wind! It was crazy! But we went for it, and it was so worth it!


Just a walk…

It’s amazing what just a walk will do for the soul. I was out for under 20 min, and it improved my entire day. I have no clue why it’s so hard to remember this. We have beauty at our finger tips to view, soak in, enjoy…I will take another walk today. Enjoy yesterday’s view of Winner Creek Trail.¬†87463152

Catie & Zeke Married at Gloryview Farm


What a day!¬†The weather couldn’t have been more perfect! I’ve never seen Gloryview Farm look more beautiful. So many special details were everywhere you looked. Catie was simply stunning, and Zeke looked so dapper in his new duds. Enjoy!!





















33363738* Sweet Dreams are Made of These – Hubby ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† * You’re My Kind of Weird. – Wifey







Venue: Gloryview Farm

Photographers: Rhae Anne Photography with Tommy Etheredge

Cake Designer/Baker: Ardy Cakes

Bouquet/Boutennieres: Oopsie Daisy

Makeup: Maria Camacho with: Camacho Beauty

Hair: Janelle Bosela With: Darae’s Hair Salon and Spa

D.J.: R&R Productions

Caterer: Sal’s New York Grill & Catering

Bartender: Luise “Jerry” Ochoa

Dress: Blue Willow from: Bateau Bridal Boutique

Groom’s Attire: Nordstrom, Guabello

Decor Designer/Decorator: Ashley Farrell & Amy Winslow


A gorgeous vintage wedding in Girdwood, Alaska.

This blog is a little longer than others, but hey it’s family! Happy 1 month of wedded bliss to Megan and Jared!!!

It rained most of the day on July 25, 2016 at Raven Glacier Lodge. But it was a perfect day for Megan and Jared and all the friends and family who came out to witness their beautiful and intimate ceremony. Kinney SubmissionsKinney Submissions-13

Kinney Submissions-26

Kinney Submissions-170Kinney Submissions-172

There were so many personal touches and hand made items in this wedding. Megan’s dad, Craig hand carved the chilly pepper ring holder “7-25-16 J & M”. And keep scrolling for the jaw dropping hand crafted arbor. Craig¬†¬†and his beautiful wife Conita designed and decorated the work of art!

Kinney Submissions-7


Kinney Submissions-115

Kinney Submissions-145Kinney Submissions-28Jared reads a journal entry Megan wrote to him…there may have been tears.Kinney Submissions-40Kinney Submissions-60Kinney Submissions-61


Kinney Submissions-41Kinney Submissions-58

Kinney Submissions-49Kinney Submissions-46

Kinney Submissions-45

Kinney Submissions-35

Kinney Submissions-53Kinney Submissions-54If Megan wants to quit her day job, she should most definitely look¬†into becoming a floral designer…she purchased the peonies from P&M Gardens in Eagle River, and assembled this stunning bouquet herself.Kinney Submissions-55Kinney Submissions-52Kinney Submissions-56Megan patiently waits for her guy…Kinney Submissions-59

Yes, that’s right, Jared’s eyes are closed and Megan snuck a peek!¬†Kinney Submissions-65Kinney Submissions-66Kinney Submissions-67KinneyPRINT-154He just couldn’t keep his eyes of his beautiful bride.KinneyPRINT-168Kinney Submissions-74Ok, what do you say we go say “I do”?

Kinney Submissions-116Kinney Submissions-111Kinney Submissions-113Kinney Submissions-118It’s so wonderful having my hubby, Tommy with me on wedding days…the behind the scenes shots are always my favorites.Kinney Submissions-125Kinney Submissions-122Kinney Submissions-120Kinney Submissions-121I had to…Kinney Submissions-127Kinney Submissions-128Kinney Submissions-131


Kinney Submissions-77Kinney Submissions-78Kinney Submissions-75

John from Ondago DJ Entertainment is fun & energetic, and his songs are perfectly timed, and his choice of music is perfection! Kinney Submissions-148

The father/daughter and mother/son dances had all of us tearing up…it was so special.




Just a taste of Mobile, AL

Today I¬†needed to get lost in personal work… I remembered images I had taken in Alabama recently and decided to pick a few to share with you.

Mobile is warm, and inviting, but it’s¬†also heavy and stubborn. The humidity wraps around you without asking permission, but it’s also very comforting. The colors hide out until certain times of the day, then they pop out at you when least expected. Enjoy!124122926820142567101128