Senior Sessions

I’m not sure who I’m writing this to, maybe it’s to a photographer, maybe it’s to a high school senior that I haven’t had the privilege of capturing yet…but maybe this will tell you a little about myself and what I value in my senior sessions.

I was telling someone earlier today that graduating seniors are definitely a favorite of mine to capture, because it’s such a monumental time in their life.

It’s definitely their time to shine and be the lead character in their new adventure.

By the time we are meeting up to take photos, we’ve already met either via face time, or in person for their consultation. (That sounds so stiff…it’s not, I promise!) This meet up allows us to meet each other, get an idea of personal style, and things that he or she may like to do, and hopefully get to see some genuine expression.

Once we meet again, it’s my job (and honor) to bring out all the personalities…well, not all, but most 😉

Smiles are expected, but not always given, so when I get a genuine one, I’m super stoked!

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And then BOOM!! The GQ and Vogue comes out!  I am always so stoked when this happens!!

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My favorite moments are when we are just about to finish up, and they have let their guard down, at this point they have seen some images on the back of my camera and are feelin’ themselves a bit, and THAT’S when I get to truly ‘SEE’ them… The real kiddo inside, that silly, messy, wild, and sweet baby their parents are going to miss like crazy!

carly blog-1-9carly blog-3-3carly blog-1-16carly blog-1-13carly blog-2-2carly blog-1-22 That last image is our daughter Kya. I’m thankful for these, and so many other images of her. That was the last frame I took on the day of her senior session. I remember it well. She is my first to graduate, and it has been exciting and super hard all in one. Any parent can relate, I’m sure. I’ve realized this year how much more invested I am in my senior sessions, because I know how much these mean to the parents.

If you are looking to have senior portraits taken, contact me! Sessions are pretty casual and pretty dang fun! Parents, come along, it’s a memorable experience for both!

Sessions are mostly outdoors, but as of October 1st, 2019, I will also have a studio space to use and to meet up for your viewing session! You will love my make up artist Kierra Manion, she is incredibly talented and will make you feel and look your best!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this!

Rhae Anne