Jillian & Kris




My heart melted when Jillian and I met up at a local grocery/coffee spot as she told me how her and Kris started dating; all the while her little guy was restless and ready to play with what ever he could get his hands on…so we didn’t have a lot of time to chat. Jillian is a hard working mom with a big heart and has faith in God that is like static electricity. I was thrilled to meet Kris on the day we shot their engagement photos. (In the same location that he proposed to her!) Kris is kind, soft spoken, and he is smitten, but not only with Jillian. Enjoy…jandk-9 jandk-14 jandk-17 jandk-21 jandk-26 jandk-68 jandk-70jandk-31 jandk-36 jandk-37 jandk-47 jandk-54 jandk-56 jandk-59 jandk-60jandk-6

The Hemmer Family

I was excited to get to photograph Beka and her sweet family. When I started out almost 6 years ago, I felt like I needed/wanted a logo, so when I contacted Rebekah she said she would trade me to take photos of her jewelry for a logo and help with a website. She owns an Etsy shop called Burnish. https://www.etsy.com/shop/burnish?ref=l2-shopheader-name  – She is amazingly talented in many ways. It was a honor to capture her and her guys. We started out at the top of the hill and 2o minutes later we ended at the bottom of the hill with a wiped out little boy! As you can see and most of you know, 3 year olds never stop moving so family sessions are quick and dirty! Enjoy! hemmer-2hemmerhemmer-6 hemmer-4hemmer-5hemmer-6 hemmer-7 hemmer-8 hemmer-9 hemmer-10 hemmer-11 hemmer-12 hemmer-14 hemmer-15 hemmer-16 hemmer-17  hemmer-19 hemmer-20 hemmer-18hemmer-21 hemmer-22 hemmer-23 hemmer-24 hemmer-25 hemmer-26 hemmer-27 hemmer-30hemmer-28 hemmer-29  hemmer-31 hemmer-32 hemmer-33