Home Grown

I love that even though these two love birds are getting hitched in Tennessee this summer, Sydney & Adam wanted photos while they were in town over Christmas.

I also love that this was the first image taken at Beluga Point and it looks like it could have been the last. They look at each other with such sweetness and respect. God Bless you two!12345678

Baby it’s cold outside

I haven’t blogged in a long time. This session lasted all of 22 minutes because it was 18 degrees. Alaska is brutal and beautiful all wrapped up in a pretty package. I like to keep kiddos in the car until absolutely necessary, so I can photograph parents first. Moms especially work very hard to make sure memories are captured and stored on a flash drive in the junk drawer. (Ooops, did I say that?) Lol…Anyway, BOTH parents work hard to get the family ready, and so I do my best to capture them! If you’ve been wanting to get those family photos done, now is the time! rodblog-2rodblog-3rodblog-4rodblog-5rodblog-6rodblog-7rodblog-8rodblog-9rodblog-10rodblog-11rodblog-12rodblog-13rodblog-14rodblog-15rodblog-16rodblog-17rodblog-18rodblog-19rodblog-20rodblog-21rodblog-22rodblog-23rodblog-24rodblog-25rodblog

The Arend Family

Trying to decide a location for family photos can be a challenge at times, but once Tina suggested the families’ property along with text photos, it was a no brainer!

What an incredibly beautiful location. Home sessions are really some of my favorite sessions. I hope you enjoy this sweet family as much as we did!ArendblogsArendblogs-2Arendblogs-4Arendblogs-5Arendblogs-6Arendblogs-37Arendblogs-7Arendblogs-8Arendblogs-9Arendblogs-10Arendblogs-11Arendblogs-12Arendblogs-13Arendblogs-14Arendblogs-15Arendblogs-16Arendblogs-17Arendblogs-18Arendblogs-19Arendblogs-20Arendblogs-21Arendblogs-22Arendblogs-23Arendblogs-24Arendblogs-25Arendblogs-26Arendblogs-27Arendblogs-28Arend blogArendblogs-29Arendblogs-31Arendblogs-32Arendblogs-33Arendblogs-34Arendblogs-35Arendblogs-36Arendblogs-38Arendblogs-39Arendblogs-40

Mr. & Mrs. Plate

We were honored to capture Josh and Melissa’s wedding on May 6th at Radiant Church. What great families, friends, and church support they have. You can’t ask for better when starting a sweet life together!



The bridal bouquets were folded from pages of old books. 


The Guys were on time and looking good!


Melissa making her way down the trail to go see her husband to be for the first look. This was seriously the biggest smile of the day. 


Spring in Alaska is dirty and wet…but this location for a May 6th wedding was magical.


Josh just lights up when he talks about Melissa, his reaction was priceless.


Happiest man on the planet.


Josh’s boutonnière unfolded was a Map of Middle Earth with the Shire and Rivendell.



The story behind the beautiful pearl necklace Josh gifted his wife with, actually brought me to tears. The significance is worth a short story of redemption and unconditional love.



Now, our day can begin! Let’s go Party!


If you notice that the men in Melissa’s life adore her! All the “first looks” of the day were incredible to watch.



Josh and most of his sisters (-1)



You can see Melissa’s mirrored image in her dad’s glasses  – LOVE IT!



An appropriate “ring pillow” for these two readers!


How special to be given away by both dads in her life!



Their FIRST kiss.



When we parked at Beluga Point, we almost decided to go elsewhere do to the wind! It was crazy! But we went for it, and it was so worth it!


A winter session…

The Lena family wanted a family session to have their son’s 2 year birthday photos taken. I’m so glad they were up for outdoor shots! On the way to the park, it was dense fog…but the clouds lifted and it was truly breath taking! Enjoy! And happy birthday Dennis!12691011754213

Just a walk…

It’s amazing what just a walk will do for the soul. I was out for under 20 min, and it improved my entire day. I have no clue why it’s so hard to remember this. We have beauty at our finger tips to view, soak in, enjoy…I will take another walk today. Enjoy yesterday’s view of Winner Creek Trail87463152